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We want our products to be available at anytime and everywhere. 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. This is our commitment to our customers and so, we introduce for the first time in Malaysia, FG Walet’s Healthy Machines. Dispensing only healthy beverages, the Healthy Machine is placed at  strategic high traffic areas such as shopping malls, train stations, popular tourist sites and airports. Wherever our customers are, staying healthy will not be a problem.







FG Walet introduces the first healthy vending machine in Malaysia.

For the first time, Nutritious and healthy FG Walet beverages will be made available to Malaysians, 24 hours a day at their convenience location.

The product is kept chilled so that consumers can enjoy refreshing chilled healthy beverages at any time.

Our healthy machine comes with a unique LCD display that highlights information about FG Walet and the health benefits of our products.

It also features the latest technology for secured cashless payment using VISA Pay Wave for credit card and debit card from any bank.

There will be no more hassle with small change for payment.

The healthy machines will be placed at selected high traffic areas such as shopping malls, train stations, bus stations, R&R stops, airports, hospitals, university, government office and etc.

A refreshing healthy beverages is just a healthy machine away now.

Stay healthy any where, any time with FG Walet’s Healthy Machine.

Stay young, feel young with FG Walet.



    We want to make FGWalet Healthy Drinks

    100% Pure Bird’s Nest is accessible to staff, visitors, students, patients and etc. to all category across the country.

    Our FGWalet Healthy Vending Machine offers a convenient, fresh & healthy drink On The Go

                QUALITY ASSURANCE

                All products placed in FGWalet Healthy Collagen Birdnest’s Drink Machines are free of preservatives, artificial sweeteners and chemical. We make sure to also meet the nutrition standards  guidelines


                  • 1st in Malaysia – Customised FGWalet Healthy Machine

                  • Cashless VISA Pay Wave & Bill Validator with cash return
                  • Online Stock Tracking System on Sales management
                  • Dustproof & Waterproof luminous metal keyboard
                  • Customised Lift/Drop sensor for FGWalet Collagen Birdnest’s Drink
                  • 8 inch LCD graphic display, numeric stainless pushbutton
                  • 21.5 Inch LCD Monitor display for FGWalet product marketing information
                  • Double-glazed and LED lighting for low energy consumption
                  • Energy-saving mode and With Failure Self Detection
                  • Customization of tray with spiral slots for FGWALET Drinks
                  • Elegant aluminum door & LED lighting
                  • Cooling system with Digital display of temperature
                  • Control cooling temperature
                  • Product reserves: 300 Bottles FGWalet Collagen Birdnest’s Drink
                  • Machine size: 1920(H) x 1335(W) X 855(D) mm
                  • Weight: 335kg
                  • Electricity: AC100-220V, 50/60Hz (585 Watt)


                  SIDE 1

                  SIDE 2


                  • Mix FGWALET Collagen Birdnest’s Drinks – 300 Bottles

                  • 3 Years Product Shelf Life

                  • 24 Hours Chilled, 7 days a week, 365 days a year Operation

                  • 1 Year Spare Parts Warranty for FGWalet Healthy Machine

                  • Remote Stock Tracking Management System

                  • Secure Payment using by FGWalet

                  • Marketing in Social Media by Fouziah Gous (Founder/Celebrity)

                  • Appointed Mini-Agent for Healthy Machine for re-stocking

                  • Online Technical Support

                  • Secured Network Connection for  and Online Monitoring

                  • Transaction Processing Payment for 

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