Our Story

It all began with a passion to help people be well. Providing nourishment to bring their body back into balance is a priority as we strongly believe a well and balanced body provides the energy to do anything. And being well starts with nourishing well. 

Corporate Philosophy


To be the world’s leading bird’s nest manufacturer through our outstanding products and services.


1. Promoting the health and well being of our customers by providing 100% Pure Bird’s Nest.

2. Having sustainable business model through innovation and constant improvement.

3. Educating society on the health benefits of bird’s nest products.


With strict quality control at all aspects of our harvesting and cleaning processes, we provide peace of mind to our customers that the bird nest they buy from us will be of the highest quality and free from harmful chemicals

The History

...all about the bird's nest...

Edible bird’s nest or so-called “Caviar of the East” has long been recognized and used as a royal food for Chinese Emperor since the Tang Dynasty.

It was also used as a restorative and remedial food for the traditional Chinese medication singe the Ching Dynasty. Until now, it is used to strengthened kidneys, moisten lungs, beautify skin as well as prolong lifespan.

Recent scientific research on Edible Bird’s Nest (EBN) found it contains rich amino acids and rich antioxidants. The two essetial elements help to generate new cells and counter free radicals in our body.

Health problems such as heart diseases, muscular degeneration, diabetes, and even cancer are all contributed by oxidative damage that can be prevented by the rich antioxidants in the bird’s nest. Antioxidants stabilize free radicals and therefore lower the risk of cancer and infection.