Our history

The founder

Miss Nor Fouziah Mohd Gous, Malaysian favorite actress, television host and models that have entered into an entrepreneurial businesswoman. With all of this on her plate, she still makes time in making FG WALET Bird’s Nest first in Malaysia finish product and a newbie established in 2013 to a seasoned online entrepreneur thru Facebook, Instagram and Whatapps application.

About Our Products

My Walet Bird’s Nest is made of high quality Natural Organic Bird House. It’s is a natural product manufactured under stringent controls with a vacuum sterilization process and totally free from bleaching agent, coloring and preservatives. Hence the consumers of My Walet Bird’s Nest can always assured that the bird nest they are consuming is natural, pure and reliable.

Bird’s Nest is a natural health product with pure and high nutritional value and suitable for any gendered age group and any season. According to medical studies;

• Rich with nutrients such as glycoproteins, amino adidas and minerals, which are essential for the development of children.

• Bird’s Nest is good for nourishing the skin, boosting the body’s immune system as well as helping to relieve respiratory ailments such as asthma or chronic cough,clear phlegm and relieve fatigue

• Bird’s Nest contains epidermal growth factor (EGF), which promotes cell growth,reproduction and regeneration; straighten the stomachache slow down the ageing factor.


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